Sales and Business Related Links Directory

Looking for useful links to other sites? Here's a small colelction of sales adn business related links you might find handy.

Institute for Apprenticeships: This is the organisation that sets the specification for appreticeships standard.

The Association of Professional Sales: Our partners, and a terrific organisation focussed on the professionalisation of sales.

Collab Group: The organisation partnering with Capital City College Group to bring you this website

Capital City College Training: One of the founding partners of the Collab Group Sales Academy

Hubspot: A great CRM, marketing and Sales service prover, check out their sales blog

Jill Konrath: Another great blog, this one's from respected sales author Jill Konrath

LinkedIn Sales Solutions: We all love LinkedIn, but have you checked out their sales blog?

StartupTuition: Specifically to do with business startups. Check out their wiki section and blog articles

OpenView: A venture capital firm focussed on early stage software companies. Some interesting blog content

SaaStr Blog: Saas enthusiast Jason Lemkin's community of Saas Founders and entrepreneurs

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