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Every year UK business spends millions on marketing to attract customers to their product or service. Success is measured via various KPI’s like; footfall, enquiries, reviews, clicks, likes or “engagement”. But when it comes to sales, all too often we focus on sales won, invoices raised and little else. But that about all those leads that never convert?

Getting to Grips with Sales in the Education Market.

The Adult education market is facing a perfect storm of change.

Training providers and colleges used to hold the purse-strings for apprenticeships, but since the introduction of the apprenticeship levy employers now have direct control over apprenticeship funding.

This change could represent a huge opportunity for training providers, but the sad thing is that while many providers have great solutions to offer up to the UK skills market their sales team are often ill-equipped to secure strategic relationships and partnerships with employers.

OK, so we haven't got a crystal ball for what the future holds but recent trends are often a good predicator for what will follow. Here are five trends from 2019 that we think we impact on sales success in the coming year.

Disruptive changes in B2B buying behaviour are often overlooked by sales leadership when it comes to developing sales strategies. The traditional division of labour model between sales and marketing- where marketing owns the initial digital phases of engagement followed by your sales team dealing with the commercial side doesn’t accurately reflect the modern buying process.

The consequence is that unless we constantly reappraise our sales processes and address emerging trends, we run the inevitable risk of being left behind- to the detriment of company profits.

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The Changing Nature of sales. We explore the challenges facing sales executives in the digital age:


In recent years the world of commerce and technology has changed at a blistering pace. So too has the UK’s education and training sector as it struggles to adapt to new funding regimes, qualifications, the advent of the apprenticeship levy and devolution...

For sales professionals within the training sector this change represents a double whammy, and as sales leaders within the education sector, we need to adapt to this new environment.

The days of pounding the streets or relying on cold calling are well and truly over. Today’s buying teams are evolved, informed and sophisticated. Attention spans have shrunk to minuscule proportions. The internet is saturated with noise, reposts and regurgitated views. How do we, as sales leaders, remain relevant within this paradigm shift?

Brexit looms, pushing us into what could be the most disruptive economic event in recent memory. But with every challenge comes new opportunity, and so now, more than ever- our courage and determination will shape tomorrow’s prospects for UK PLC.

Whether we leave with a deal or end up crashing out onto World Trade Organisation trading terms, the implications of Brexit could be severe.
Whatever happens, we need to think creatively and innovatively about how we improve economic productivity and prosperity throughout the UK.