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Unlock your sales team's potential

Sales Apprenticeships: Unlocking Sales Potential sales apprenticeships

The B2B Sales Executive Apprenticeship training programme includes a Level 4 qualification aimed at sales professionals.

Enable your team to be their best

Create sales target results by giving your sales team the skills to succeed. This is the perfect sales training course for sales people working in business to business markets or selling high value products or services.

Sales apprentices deliver real value and they can be for candidate of any age. Perfect for those about to start a career in sales or for more experienced business development professionals.

Our sales course lasts eighteen months and will unlock the sales potential of your sales team; enabling them to better manage the end-to-end sales process.

The programme consists of 0 full-day classroom workshops plus 15 online sales webinars. Sales trainees can access a full suite of online learning materials.

Our Course is mapped to the Institute for Apprenticeships. The sales executive apprenticeship standard has been created by industry sales leader  for all sales professionals.

Our materials are unique and embrace "lean thinking"; raising standards, improving reults and processes.  We teach technical sales apprenticeship candidates the skills required to succeed.

It doesn't stop there. All sales students will be given free student membership of the Association of Professional Sales (APS).

Our aim is to help B2B sales professionals to be more effective and productive in their sales roles.

Large employers:

If you are a large employer, please speak to us about customising our training programme to the specific culture and sales methodology of your company. Use your apprenticeship levy to fund the development of your sales force and see a return on your investment that is measurable.

A career in sales is exciting, our apprenticeship programme offers a clear path for career development. Partner with us and together we'll support your sales people to raise their standards and better serve your customers.

Attract the best sales talent

If you would like to take on an apprentice to join your sales team we can help attract the right kind of talent, we'll advertise, help shortlist and if required host assessment days at one of our member college sites.

SME Employers

If you have less than 250 employees and do not pay the apprenticeship levy the cost to you will be only £300. That's incredible value for a course written and delivered by leading sales academics.

The Collab Group Sales Academy has the support of 35 leading FE colleges. Get in touch with us and we will connect you to one of of member colleges best placed to exceed your expectations.

Entry requirements:

Individual employers can set the selection criteria for their apprentices. Our advice is that candidates should have a good grasp of sales and not be entirely new to the profession.

Professional recognition:

We work in partnership with the Association of Professional Sales (APS). All candidates will receive learner membership of APS.

Apprenticeship duration:

Typically 18 months.


The Collab Group: is a membership organisation comprising 35 leading further Education colleges. We work in partnership with employers to identify leading colleges best suited to deliver sales training needs.

Contact us Today to find out how we can help galvinise your sales team. If your would like to learn more about what've covered in our sales training read about our Sales executive apprenticeship for Employers.

B2B Sales Training for Employers

Enable your sales team to be their best. Our B2B sales programme has been developed by The Collab Group. A membership organisation comprising 35 of the UK's leading Further Education Colleges. We work with some of the UK's largest employers, helping them to unlock economic potential through skills training and workforce development. That's why we've developed a cutting-edge sales training programme. Our aim: To help our clients unlock their sales potential, drive growth and deliver a better customer experience.

Get in Touch

If you would like to find out more about how we can help raise the game of your sales team and compete in an increasingly complex market then please contact: Steve Bannister.

We'll partner with you to develop a bespoke sales training programme that unlocks potential, changes behaviours and takes your customers' experience to new heights.

Make more effective use of your apprenticeship levy by upskilling your sales team and driving business growth.

For an overview of our service please go to our home page: Sales Apprenticeship.

Course Modules:

  • 1. Sales Enablement +

    Time management

    Resilience & Self Motivation

    Sales planning and preparation

  • 2. Find Customers +

    Gathering Intelligence

    Using Data

    Lead Generation

    Customer Engagement

  • 3. Win Customers +

    Customer Needs Analysis

    Understanding Constraints & Contradictions

    Propose & Present Solutions


    Closing Sales

  • 4. Sales Excellence +

    Customer experience management

    Collaboration and Team work

    Finance for the Sales Professional

  • 5. Customer Retention +

    Customer Service

    Ethics in Sales

    Improving the Sales Process

Lean for Sales

Unique sales training focussed on lean methodologies- enabling sales professional to become more process driven, to eliminate wasteful activity and become more effective and efficient.

24/7 Learning, Anytime, Any Place

Our online platform includes webinars, chat rooms, the ability to interact with fellow students and to message your tutor. Comprehensive resources include quizzes, videos, assignments, an archive of reading materials and interactive online learning materials. Employers can monitor the progress of their staff and gain updates from tutors.

Developed by leading academics from some of the UK's most renowned Universities and Colleges; our learning materials are designed to engage and change behaviours for the best.

Subjects Covered

  • Knowledge +

    Organisational knowledge

    Product, service and sector knowledge

    Market analysis & knowledge

    Customer knowledge

    Commercial and financial acumen

    Digital tools usage

  • Skills +

    Sales Planning and preparation

    Customer engagement

    Customer needs analysis

    Proposing and presentiong solutions

    Negotiation skills

    Closing sales

    Gathering intelligence

    Time management

    Collaboration and team-work

    Customer experience management

    Digital skills

  • Values & Behaviours +

    Ethics and integrity



    Resilience and self-motivation

    Continuous professional development

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