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B2B Sales Executive Apprenticeships for Education Providers.sales apprentice level 4

The adult education market is changing at a fast pace. If you want to equip your sales teams with the the skills to engage effectively with industry then sales apprenticeship training is the solution.

The days of FE Colleges and training providers holding the purse strings for adult education training are well and truly over. And chances are that you haven't invested all of your apprenticeship levy even though you expect employers to make good use of theirs.

It's Time to Lead the Skills Agenda by Example.

We know how challenging it can be to attract and retain the best sales professionals to work in the education sector. Having a robust sales CPD programme is one way of increasing retention. We'll equip your team with the commercial and financial acumen to succeed.

Just think about how much job search and recruiting new sales talent costs you each year. That's why we've partnered with the Association of Professional Sales (APS) and leading sales training academics to develop a programme that caters specifically for the education community.

Invest in your sales team, they'll be better at their jobs, more adept at cuystomer needs analyis and by recognising their professionalism with an accedited qualification they will stay with you for longer.

It's a no brainer.

Learning and development teams and buyers responsible for procuring training servers are becoming ever-more sophisticated. Isn't it time you accorded clients the respect they deserve by ensuring that your sales reps have the skills to communicate effectively with employers? Isn't it high time you actually trained your sales team?

We'll equip your team with the know-how, skills and behaviours to be more effective in their roles. And because we work in the same industry we'll make sure that your sales champions achieve their full potential.

Benefits of Sales Apprenticeship for Educational Organisations

  • Lead by doing- use your apprenticeship levy to boost your sales capabilities
  • Increase the retention rates of your sales team by offering them a nationally recognised sales qualification
  • Equip your sales team with the expertise to conduct meaningful dialogue with clients' senior decision makers

Sales apprenticeships for the business development teams of training providers makes commercial sense.

Equipping them with the skills to do better and the professional recognition they deserve is long overdue. Just think- wouldn't it make for a compelling proposition if your sales team could say that they are doing an apprenticeship themselves when talking about the merits of apprenticeships with employer clients?

What are you waiting for?

The cost of not investing in your sales team will cost you a lot more in lost business over the long term.

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Achieve sales success with the Level 4 Sales Executive Apprenticeship

Unlock the potential of your business development team and achieve a measurable return on your apprenticeship levy. We know what it takes to effectively sell workforce development solutions to employers. Our B2B sales programme has been developed by The Collab Group. Our aim is to unlock economic potential by enabing sales teams to be their best.

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Retain your sales talent, equip them with the skills to succeed and improve the customer experience of your clients.

Together we'll help you develop the sales skills today to better serve the workforce devleopment needs of tomorrow.

The level 4 sales executive apprenticeship standard is the perfect solution for building a reislient and agile sales team.

Professionalising Sales

Training providers: Unlock the potential of your own sales team. Sign them up for the Level B2B Sales Executive Apprenticeship and then deliver the apprenticeship yourselves once your sales champions are qualified. Our sales apprenticeship includes a qualification accredited by the Association of Professional Sales (APS).

A sales development programme specially for training providers.

Update the knowledge, skill and behaviours of your sales reps and recognise their achievement with a qualification accedited by the Association of Professional Sales (APS). Watch sales increase, morale flourish and rentetion improve.

We're on a mission to professionalise the UK sales community. What better place to start than by having training providers devleop their own sales personnel?.

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